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What should be done with radioactive nuclear waste?

What should be done with radioactive nuclear waste?

(Posted on 07/08/19)

After the recent documentary ‘Chernobyl’ released exposing the truth about what happened during one of the worst nuclear disasters to date, it has raised the question, ‘What should be done with radioactive nuclear waste?’.

The series Chernobyl was released in May of 2019 and has received nineteen Emmy Award nominations. The show depicted the aftermath of the Chernobyl disaster which saw the 4th reactor explode, releasing highly reactive waste into the atmosphere and local towns. The show portrays the vast efforts undertaken to try and stop the spread of the radioactive material and make the area safe again. Even to this day the 4th reactor sits under a 1.5 Million Euro metal shield, stopping anymore reactive material from escaping. The total cost of the disaster is said to amount to 235 Billion Euro’s, an astonishing amount.

The show brought to light how incredibly difficult dealing with radioactive material is and how without the right protection and protocols in place it can be very costly, not only to your wallet but to your health.

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