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The challenges of chemical waste disposal

The challenges of chemical waste disposal

(Posted on 03/12/19)

Chemical waste disposal comes with a wide range of challenges. These challenged make this a complex issue with serious consequences if you get it wrong. Those consequences are more than the potential damage a leak or spillage can cause, in fact, the courts have power to impose hefty fines on polluters and there is no limit to how high these fines can be.

Identifying chemicals

Normally, the identification of chemicals should be straightforward. The European Union’s classification, labelling and packaging (CPL) regulations came into force in 2015. This system aims to set out criteria for classifying chemicals according to their health, environmental and physical hazards. This information provides short descriptions for different types of chemicals, making it easy to identify quickly, for example; HP1 Explosive, HP2 Oxidizing and HP3 Flammable.

The challenges of identifying chemicals

The challenges start when dealing with chemicals that have been stored for years. Either the labels do not comply with current regulations, have become illegible or are simply missing entirely. Without the information readily to hand it makes it very difficult to consider any kind of chemical waste disposal.

In cases like this, the process involves sending off a sample of the chemical to a lab to be tested, this way, we can be sure we are disposing of the chemicals safely and following the correct procedures.

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