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How to dispose of waste during the virus outbreak

How to dispose of waste during the virus outbreak

(Posted on 09/02/21)

We are living in unprecedented times and our lives are looking quite different from how they used to do in 2019.

There are not many aspects of normal life that have been left changed by the coronavirus pandemic, and waste management is one of those affected areas.

While some local council waste collections have been unaffected throughout, many across the country have been.

This is due to a combination of things; mainly staff shortages due to periods of self-isolation, and the increase in domestic waste volumes due to everyone being at home more.

So, what should you be doing with your household waste during this time?

Check with your local council for your collection dates and read on to learn more about waste and COVID-19.

Reduce household waste where possible

Firstly, you could help the national effort by creating as little waste as possible.

However, we recognise that this is not an easy task when there’s a national health crisis and you may be struggling to get hold of some items.

A few ideas for reducing your waste currently include:


Ensure any commercial or hazardous waste is being disposed of correctly


This is not more crucial than ever. Hazardous material must be disposed of correctly and by following the official guidelines.

If you are not sure on the best and safest way to do this, contact PJ Environmental, who can provide you with a no obligation quote for any of your hazardous waste disposal needs. We work with all customers from small businesses right through to PLC companies.