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How dangerous is Asbestos and how do you remove it?

How dangerous is Asbestos and how do you remove it?

(Posted on 12/11/19)

Saying that asbestos is dangerous is a huge understatement, it is responsible for over 5000 deaths a year and can be a main cause for cancer. To put that into context, only 1770 people died in traffic related incidents last year, so making sure it is dealt with correctly is paramount to your safety.

What is asbestos?

Asbestos is a group of six naturally occurring fibrous minerals composed of thin, needle like fibres. Asbestos fibres are soft and flexible yet resistant to heat, electricity and corrosion. These qualities make the mineral useful, but they also make asbestos exposure highly toxic.

Why is it dangerous?

Asbestos fibres are extremely small much smaller than a human hair and when someone inhales or ingests this asbestos dust the mineral fibres can become forever trapped in their body. Over decades, the trapped asbestos can cause inflammation, scarring and eventually genetic damage to the body’s cells. A rare and aggressive cancer called mesothelioma is almost exclusively caused by asbestos exposure.

How can asbestos be removed safely?

If an item containing asbestos is dropped or damaged, the deadly fibres can be released into the air, which places those nearby in risk of serious health conditions. Therefore, it is essential that you do not attempt to remove the asbestos yourself. Here at PJ Environmental we take all the necessary precautions to dispose of asbestos safely.

If you need any more information or advice on how PJ Environmental can help you with your asbestos removal needs, please feel free to get in touch.